6 Effective Daily Routine to Keep House Clean

dirty towel inside a silver washing machine dryer

Your house, the place where you are to relax, feel free, be comfortable and you call home. But things that could bar you from attaining them is when you see it dirty or unorganized. Research says that having a filthy and unorganized home attracts negativity. We all do not want any negativity, especially in our homes. So we provide you below the daily routine to keep your house clean and make it a happy place.

1. Make your bed

Making your bed first thing in the morning. Instead of it being your first accomplished task of the day, it also becomes a source of a small sense of pride that will encourage you to do another task and create a chain reaction of encouragement of doing another and another. And by the end of the day, that first simple task will be the reason why you have accomplished multiple tasks throughout the day as stated by Admiral McRaven.

2. Clean your kitchen

After making our bed, we all have our first meal of the day which is our breakfast. After cooking, preparing and feasting on our sumptuous meal it’s impossible for us not having any mess at all. Immediately after eating, you go and wash the dishes, put everything you used in place and wipe the table and countertops to make everything look neat and clean. Another task has been done and you will gain positive energy which will give you more encouragement for performing another task for the day.

3. Organize your space

Put everything needed where needed and put everything not needed away from things needed. Making a certain area organized will help you use the area completely and hassle-free. It will also give you the opportunity to have you familiarized to items or objects at your home.

4. Clean the bathroom

Clean the place where your concerts take place. We release a lot of dirt and germs when we use the bathroom. We clean our bathroom once in a while but not enough. Germs and bacteria are rapidly spreading microorganisms they can reach the air and be flying around your bathroom causing you to catch a disease. By simply wiping, brushing or cleaning the sink, countertops, toilet bowl, walls, and shower areas every day you will avoid these microbes. You don’t need any general cleaning for your bathroom every day, just clean the area to reduce the microbes.

5. Sing while you clean

Singing or whistling while you work gives you positive energy making you much more active and productive throughout the whole task and as I have said earlier one accomplished task encourages you to perform another.

6. Manage your time

Time is much more precious than gold, time management is an effective method for accomplishing more tasks or works. Ways you can save time is doing tasks at the same time or multitasking, you can do the laundry while you clean the bathroom, you can organize your areas while you do work or cook your meal. As long as you have extra time while doing a task make yourself do something for that extra time until you have accomplished many tasks or even all your tasks to be done for the day and then you will be able to do anything you want, if you want to slouch on the couch to watch some movies or even go out and hang with friends or even have your friends come over to your house and hang out to show them how a responsible homeowner you are.


5 TOP Benefits of Self-Care

Taking care of yourself can help you become more productive and work more efficiently. This pertains to taking care of your whole well-being: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. There are some enormous benefits you can get from self-care.

1. Reduces Negative Effects of Stress

Having stress can limit you from acting to your full capacity. It can entirely affect your whole body and mind, leaving you to not getting things done. Practicing self-care can help you reduce the negative effects of stress and will allow you to cope up with your working environment despite the little worries you have.

2. Helps you refocus

Witha lot in our minds, most of the time we don’t know what to really focus on.We get confused on what activities to pursue that will help us get near our goals. And there are just a LOT more to consider. Having a self-care process will allow us to clear our minds and make us realize what we should really be tackling.

3. Have an attitude of gratitude

Doing some self-care can help us realize the small things in life and make us appreciate them. We will realize the value of things no matter how small. We will learn how to appreciate people more and be aware of things that they do for us. Self-care will help us maintain a healthy relationship with other people.

4. Prevents “burnout”

We’ve all been to that point where we just want to sprawl ourselves on a bed and do nothing. Since we are so tired – physically, mentally, emotionally. Doing some self-care routine can help us prevent this from happening. It will help us clear our minds and remind us to take one single step at a time.

5. Become more Organized

Feeling well and good will lead you to a happier mood. Thus, when happy, you feel more focused daily and you have a presence of mind. You are able to schedule your errands properly, you are motivated to keep the home clean, and more. Practicing self-care and weaving it into your daily habit will lead to a happier and organized life.


These list of benefits is enough for you to push yourself to practice a self-care habit. Always remember to not just take care of your body, but also our emotions, mood, vibe, and spirit are in need of some “nutrition”.