How to Manage Nap Time for Toddlers

How to Manage Nap Time for Toddlers

Both parents and teachers alike need to know how to manage nap time and how to help toddlers get the rest that they need. Young children need naps in order to get enough sleep in a 24-hour period. Naps can refresh children and get them ready to learn, and they can also help them stay in a good mood.

Choose a Set Time for Naps:

It can be helpful for parents or teachers to have a certain time when they lay children down for a nap each day. Getting children into a routine can help them know when nap time is coming, and it can help their bodies get ready for sleep. The adult who is trying to manage nap time should figure out the time that they want to use as nap time, and then they should stick with that time all throughout the week.

Do Calm Activities Before the Nap:

It is important for children to calm down before they are expected to sleep. A parent might take their child for a short walk before they lay them down for a nap, or a teacher might read to the children in their care. It can be helpful to do the same calm activity before each nap that a child takes so that they know what is coming.

Use Music During Naps:

Playing soothing music while children are laying down can help keep the children happy and it can help them drift off to sleep. Music can also help cover any outside noise that might keep toddlers distracted and make them want to get up rather than rest.

Make Wake-Up Time Happy:

If someone wants children to go down for a nap willingly, they need to let the children know that they will have plenty of time for fun after they get up from their naps. It is important for a parent or teacher to have an enjoyable activity picked out right after a child’s nap. This might include time outside, a special treat, or a fun craft activity.

Stay Close While Naps Happen:

It is important for an adult to stay close while children are napping. If a person can’t be in the same room where the child is napping – or if they have too much to do to simply sit in one spot – they might consider having a monitor set up in that room so that they can keep an eye on the sleeping child while away from them. It is important for an adult to be close enough to get to the child quickly if they need them.

Nap Time Does Not Have to be Difficult:

With a little planning, a parent or teacher can make nap time stress-free and enjoyable time for everyone.

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